Richard Rowe, Sustainable Gardening Australia

Administrator 2016 Speakers

Good practice in Community gardens. Across Australia community food spaces are popping up. They are on the roofs of apartment buildings, in derelict public spaces, adjoining community kitchens, in public parks and gardens, in hospital grounds – anywhere that is suitable, accessible and available. They are in densely built urban areas, in remote rural communities and in small regional towns.

The common thread between all of them is that they bring people together in a spirit of sharing, an appreciation of food and a respect for how it is grown and prepared. Whilst community food growing is about learning forgotten skills, sharing knowledge and experiences, exploring new techniques and celebrating the success of harvests, it is also about much more. It is about the pleasure of connecting with each other, of eating well and sharing abundance, of telling yarns and creating bonds. Community food growing is about the joy of being a community in the truest sense. Richard will discuss how local government can contribute to the success of community gardens and identifying good practices for community gardens that contribute to success.

Image credit: Local Food Connect