Patrick O’Callaghan, Deliberate Impact – Is milk worth more than $1?

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Cheaper is better in the supermarket war and the price of milk is ‘Down Down’ to an all-time low, however something unexpected has happened. Consumer sentiment has shifted and all of a sudden people want to pay more for their milk.

Interest in local food and higher quality produce has been on the rise for many years now helped by greater awareness of the impact of cheaper prices on Australian farmers, the difference in nutrient density and also taste.

The permeate scandal of 2012 and successive awareness campaigns by passionate groups on social media have driven up demand for branded milk. Photos of empty milk sections have popped up online showing Coles and Woolworths weren’t expecting the shift in consumer behaviour.

It was these photos that spurred Geelong resident Patrick O’Callaghan to attempt to make it easier to find locally produced milk. O’Callaghan launched The Milk List as part of his app Local Food Loop, which tries to connect users with places to buy locally produced food.

The Milk List went up recently and O’Callaghan said the list is a response to the plight of local producers amid the current diary price crisis. “I heard a lot of people saying we need to do something for the farmers, but no-one was actually doing anything, so I put it together as an initial alternative” he says.

The Milk List currently features more than 350 places where consumers can buy branded diary products, including many small businesses. Patrick is an impact strategist and sustainability entrepreneur who loves to find better ways to make worthwhile differences. He will be speaking about the list and his app at the 2016 Future of Local Food Conference.