An organic parasite on McDonald’s – Jason Gunn, Founder of Oliver’s Real Food

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Jason Gunn was living like a typical Aussie driving up and down the highway daily. At every turn his efforts to stay fit and feel good were thwarted by the endless food desert on the journey to and from Sydney.

Sure fries, burgers and bottomless coke were available in ample quantities but what about calories that weren’t empty? Gunn saw something that seems obvious in retrospect, but hadn’t been realised yet. A healthy fast food chain.

At the time the concept was somewhat of an oxymoron. Sure there were fast food sandwich bars with registered trademarks that suggested you were eating fresh, however you only had to go to the fridges to see the same sugary drinks next to the cookies.

11 years ago Jason Gunn launched Oliver’s Real Food next to North Wyong McDonald’s between Sydney and Newcastle, the fourth busiest Maccas in the country.

A strange sight: McDonald's antitesis - Oliver's Real Food

A strange sight: McDonald’s antitesis – Oliver’s Real Food

Oliver’s Real Food is best described as “a sort of organic parasite on McDonald’s”. Walk in and rather than fries you’ll be offered lightly steamed beans with Himalayan pink salt with the irreverent phrase “Would you like beans with that?”.

That subtle light-hearted humour is rarely seen in corporate circles these days but it runs to the core of Oliver’s philosophy. The name of the chain itself is an allusion to the novel Oliver Twist where the young and hungry Oliver is fed on gruel.

Gunn is driven to set the standard for excellence in fast food retailing and the Future of Local Food conference is excited and honoured to have him speak at the 2016 conference! Get your tickets here while they’re still available.

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