Lee Tozzi, Sustainable Food Program Designer and Strategist at Darebin City Council

Administrator 2016 Speakers

Lee Tozzi will talk about Improving Food Security by presenting some of the background and drivers behind Council’s commitment to developing an Urban Food Production Strategy. Although a relatively new area, food production and supply is firmly on Council’s sustainability agenda. The community has clearly identified growing food as a priority area, and the Council Plan as well as many underpinning Plans, Policies and Strategies highlight the importance of local food production for sustainability across social, economic and built / natural environmental factors, such as improving health and well-being, social connectivity, waste recycling and efficient water use. The strategy will clarify Council’s vision and role in Urban Food Production including:

  • Public Land Management
  • Planning Authority (under the constraints of the planning scheme)
  • Identify and bring stakeholders together to deliver sustainability objectives
  • Advocate for and promote funding opportunities
  • Education and skills building programs
  • Support for community groups to build social connections, promote health and reduce environmental impacts

Image credit: Cultivating Communities