David Holmgren – Vision of the bioregional food system adapted to energy descent futures

Administrator 2016 Speakers

What if energy descent derails business as usual? We’ve built our society around a system of energy use that’s far beyond what is ecologically sustainable in the long-term. Energy descent is the concept of a transitional phase that society is predicted to make once we’ve past global peak energy production.

Few dispute that a major transition is waiting in the wings however the hot topic of debate is when the transition will need to occur and whether the worst predictions can be mitigated. This may be achieved through the usage of mixed alternative energy sources, structural changes to the way we go about our daily lives, and intensive environmental restoration.

David Holmgren is a leading Australian environmental designer, ecological educator and writer. He is best known as one of the co-originators of the permaculture concept which is a collection of systems and methods for living within the constraints of the earth’s natural energy systems.

Holmgren has been testing and refining his theories for over 40 years from the book Perma-culture One, to his mother’s property in southern New South Wales and then at his own property; Melliodora at Hepburn Springs, Victoria.

He will be speaking at the 2016 Future of Local Food Conference and creating a vision of a bioregional food system adapted to energy descent futures. Holmgren will provide a strong sense of needing to consider futures different from ‘business as usual’ and show how all local government areas (urban and rural) might fit into an emerging bioregional economy if and when the global one declines.